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Yusef Andre Wiley, was born October 24, 1969 and raised in South Los Angeles, California. Both of his parents, Betty and Sampson Wiley originally from the state of Texas. Andre is the youngest of five children. By the age of 13, he started associating with gang members and getting into trouble around the neighborhood. After serving a juvenile sentence, Mr. Wiley continued his gang involvement with other known gang members earning a reputation as a gang banger in the areas of South LA (Compton, Watts and Willowbrook) which eventually landed him in the correctional system in California at the age of 21. 

Mr. Wiley, also a great business mentor has now been working for many years to end gang and youth violence through his development and writing intervention and rehabilitation programs. His work as an adviser and mentor has been phenomenal. He is the creator and founder of the Timelist Group (a pre-release/post-release) rehabilitation program which also provides housing for parolees Los Angeles California and continues to provide training's at several CDCR facilities.  He also has assisted several reentry start-up organizations in Los Angeles and the  SF Bay Area, a former Commissioner on the Human Relations Commission of the City of Union City, Alameda County Reentry Panels and Advisory Boards. He is an author and has gained several awards and degrees, one AA degree in Small Business Management as well as a Paralegal Degree. He is also a certified member of the John Maxwell Team.  Mr. Wiley is currently the Founder & CEO of the Timelist Group, Inc. two successful corporations, a nonprofit and, a subsidiary (s-corporation) Timelist, Inc. He is the Senior Consultant and Personal Coach at YW Consultants LLC, and married to Sa'Nae Ellis-Wiley and proud father of six children and 12 plus grand children. Yusef Wiley has influenced hundreds of justice impacted people, high school and college students, transforming human beings who are now successful business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and managers. 


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Grew up in South Central Los Angeles in the 80’s when gang violence was at one of its highest points, Yusef arrested as a juvenile and served time in juvenile camp, later as an adult sentenced to 16 years to life in a California State Prison reading at a 4th grade level. After a year in solitary confinement Yusef Wiley began reading and finding faith he continued to seek education offered inside the Correctional department which inspired him to begin forming support groups among the inmate population which resulted in the creating of the Timelist Group, a self-help program. Yusef Wiley was released from prison after serving 22 years with support from the Muslim community and local government he formed the Timelist Group as a 501(c)(3) corporation which he is now the President and CEO. This nonprofit is now 90+ employees as of 2022 providing housing, reentry services and employment placement to formerly incarcerated men and women. Yusef have worked on several leadership committees both government and non-government, boards and have become a certified speaker through the John Maxwell Team platform. In additional to Yusef being the founder and CEO of an amazing multi-million-dollar corporation with several government contracts, he also owns a consulting company which is also very successful. When Yusef Wiley is not busy managing his operations, he is a dedicated husband, father and grandfather to over 13+ grandchildren. 

There are so many layers to Yusef Andre Wiley’s story, his lived experience continues to impact so many people. Some of his journey is captured in his self-published autobiography entitled “If I Knew Then” which is available on Amazon. Book Available here

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