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Speaking & Training Topics

  • Tapping into Resilience: Toolkit to Build to build your personal and professional coping skills to thrive  OR A Toolkit for Thriving in your Personal and Professional Life
  • Building Youth Leadership: Working with new leaders to build more sustainable programs; New minds New vision
  • Becoming an ENAGIC Distributor (Kangen Water)
  • Overcoming Stigma: Mental Health Treatment in BIPOC Communities
  • How to Become a Fair Chance Employer: How to Hire, Train and Engage System-Impacted People
  • Challenging the Internal Dialogue: From Self-Doubt to Empowerment  
  • Building your Internal leadership: Using coaching management for developing positive org culture
  • Company Mastermind Group: Foster a culture of success for your business and employees
  • From Crime to Entrepreneurship: How to find your true and authentic path
  • Life After a Life Sentence: How to find work/life balance and your inspiration to lead

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