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Yusef-Andre Wiley, not your typical life coach, but a coach that combines his lived experience with a road map to successful business, leadership, character development and much more ...

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"Feeling Hearts with Hope, Purpose and Determination"

What Having A Personal Life Coach Can Do For You?

YW Consultants was born out the need to serve both individuals as well as companies, corporations, firms, groups, both faith-based and non-faith based organizations. YW Consultants possess the expertise to provide consulting services to government agencies such as, Correctional Departments, Probation, Parole agencies both adult and juvenile. The idea is to bring a complete training experience and tool chest to any company that want to take what they do to the next level. 

Lead by Yusef-Andre Wiley, a leader and visionary who was once at the bottom of the socio-economic food chain. Today, in less than five years built a successful non-profit organization, formed a successful LLC, he has helped the start-up of several other companies and non-profits including managing the Remy Ma Foundation where he is the managing director. Yusef Wiley is also an author and member of the John Maxwell Team as a Public Speaker, Personal Life Coach, Trainer and Mentor. Now, as a brand Yusef Wiley embodies lived experience, transformation, professionalism and success that is now at your disposal with his dynamic team in a package that is indeed priceless. 

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How About This?

  • Are you an organization, agency or company that employ individuals with justice impacted barriers? 
  • Do you have a lot of ideas but don't really know where to start or simply don't have the time to execute?
  • Do you have a great product or service, but haven't figured out how to market?
  • Do you have a powerful message and/or mission, but fear prevents you from sharing it? 
  • People Helped


Motivational Speaking

Send us a referral for a speaking engagement ... Lives are Impacted after Hearing our Stories of hope and transformation

  • Danica Kreculj, Program Officer at IVCLA

    “The U.S. Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) connects emerging foreign leaders with their professional counterparts in the U.S. to cultivate international cooperation and understanding. In the past several months, Yusef Andre Wiley has met two IVLP groups, whose program topics were related to reentry for men and women in the United States. He spoke with both delegations about rehabilitation and prevention for at-risk populations and provided a unique, firsthand perspective to the issue of incarceration as an ex-gang member.

    The first group hailed from all regions of the world and included international leaders working in the government, nonprofits, NGOs, universities, and religious institutions. Mr. Wiley kept the visitors engaged with his compelling personal narrative and passion for helping the incarcerated. One visitor from Togo wrote in his evaluation: “I appreciated Yusef Andre Wiley’s efforts and commitment for the inmate population as a process for them to gain freedom.” Another Kyrgyz visitor commented that because the founder of Timelist “has experienced and knows what it is like to be in prison for a long time, he has a competitive advantage of understanding prisoners.” The interpreters from the same group mentioned that Mr. Wiley had a “fascinating bio of a former inmate. It was of great interest to the visitors, and they asked many questions.” The second group came from Tajikistan and included journalists who specialized in covering the topic of violent extremism. Mr. Wiley addressed the support services for the incarcerated and examined best practices for preventing people from returning to prison. The interpreters commented that his “personality and experience were moving”.

    Mr. Wiley was kind enough to provide his time and expertise for these two groups, who returned to their home countries with a deepened understanding of violent extremism within the context of the U.S.. All parties undoubtedly benefited not only from a professional standpoint, but also from the cultural exchange that resulted from these connections.”

  • Darlene Burke, Executive Director at Ten Toes In

    " Yusef Wiley has been instrumental in assisting our organization, Ten Toes In with working with our formerly incarcerated brothers with our Mentorship Program. This Mentorship Program is an accountability relationship with our formerly incarcerated Ten Toes In brothers and newly paroled men who are married or in committed relationships.

    Yusef also rebuilt our website and gave it a more professional appearance. He added all of the programs and services that Ten Toes In currently provides and will provide in the future.
    Finally, he helped to create our Curriculum, Intimate Relationships 101. This curriculum facilitates a six month class twice a month at Avenal and Pleasant Valley State Prisons and it teaches the men to be better men for themselves and their partners in a marriage or committed relationship. It also teaches life skills while incarcerated and it prepares them for a successful reentry. Ten Toes In is proud of the Partnership that we have cultivated with Yusef Wiley and his TEAM. "

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From juvenile detention, gangs, and serving two decades in prison. Yusef Wiley, now CEO of nonprofit organization and senior consultant. Family oriented, serving the community by changing lives with his lived experience and innovative approach to creating solutions. His Autobiography is available on Amazon or you can request a book signing event to hear his amazing testimony. 

Business Disclosure

Any requests made for speaking engagements, workshops, training's are solely for the benefit and advantage of clients booking services. There will not be any mention or intent to distribute, solicit donations or highlight businesses or organizations affiliated with the speaker(s). Nor will there be any attempt to promote or sell books authored by speaker(s) except and/or only when expressed in writing by reserving agency or persons booking services.

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