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YW Consultants brings a complete coaching experience, training and tool kit to leaders, public figures and companies that want to take what they do as professionals to the next level. - Earl Simms

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Become A Coach & Mentor

Learn from a powerful team of innovators. A team who brings a dynamic approach to transforming the lives of others. Training to become that idea coach will not only help you in your business endeavors, it will also impact the way that you behave in your household, your faith community or workspace. Contact us today for more information on how you can secure this training. 

Coaching cost.

8 week sessions twice a week or 16 sessions once a week. $800.00 flat rate cost to receive certificate as a Life Coach and Mentor. After the completion of training you receive technical support on how to launch your very own coaching business and professional profile through social media and LinkedIn. Or their may be an opportunity to join our management team.

  • "Don't underestimate the impact of having a 'Life Coach and what that can mean for you and your team, (long term)." - Yusef Wiley

  • Danica Kreculj, Program Officer at IVCLA

    “The U.S. Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) connects emerging foreign leaders with their professional counterparts in the U.S. to cultivate international cooperation and understanding. In the past several months, Yusef Andre Wiley has met two IVLP groups, whose program topics were related to reentry for men and women in the United States. He spoke with both delegations about rehabilitation and prevention for at-risk populations and provided a unique, firsthand perspective to the issue of incarceration as an ex-gang member.

    The first group hailed from all regions of the world and included international leaders working in the government, nonprofits, NGOs, universities, and religious institutions. Mr. Wiley kept the visitors engaged with his compelling personal narrative and passion for helping the incarcerated. One visitor from Togo wrote in his evaluation: “I appreciated Yusef Andre Wiley’s efforts and commitment for the inmate population as a process for them to gain freedom.” Another Kyrgyz visitor commented that because the founder of Timelist “has experienced and knows what it is like to be in prison for a long time, he has a competitive advantage of understanding prisoners.” The interpreters from the same group mentioned that Mr. Wiley had a “fascinating bio of a former inmate. It was of great interest to the visitors, and they asked many questions.” The second group came from Tajikistan and included journalists who specialized in covering the topic of violent extremism. Mr. Wiley addressed the support services for the incarcerated and examined best practices for preventing people from returning to prison. The interpreters commented that his “personality and experience were moving”.

    Mr. Wiley was kind enough to provide his time and expertise for these two groups, who returned to their home countries with a deepened understanding of violent extremism within the context of the U.S.. All parties undoubtedly benefited not only from a professional standpoint, but also from the cultural exchange that resulted from these connections.”

  • Darlene Burke, Executive Director at Ten Toes In

    " Yusef Wiley has been instrumental in assisting our organization, Ten Toes In with working with our formerly incarcerated brothers with our Mentorship Program. This Mentorship Program is an accountability relationship with our formerly incarcerated Ten Toes In brothers and newly paroled men who are married or in committed relationships.

    Yusef also rebuilt our website and gave it a more professional appearance. He added all of the programs and services that Ten Toes In currently provides and will provide in the future.
    Finally, he helped to create our Curriculum, Intimate Relationships 101. This curriculum facilitates a six month class twice a month at Avenal and Pleasant Valley State Prisons and it teaches the men to be better men for themselves and their partners in a marriage or committed relationship. It also teaches life skills while incarcerated and it prepares them for a successful reentry. Ten Toes In is proud of the Partnership that we have cultivated with Yusef Wiley and his TEAM. "

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