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Coaching your team to Success

Ask about the Coaching Services

The Coaching services are geared to empower a wide range of clients and are not limited to system impacted individuals. This includes mentoring services for teens and young adults as well as Companies, Programs and Institutions that are investing in BIPOC communities while promoting diversity and inclusion within work spaces and government. 

Let's create  a checklist to figure out what you need to get started as a housing provider. There are too many crowded sidewalks and not enough beds, we have to act now as part of the solution to the housing crisis in the State of California.

Figuring out what type of housing is key for you to determine how to can serve the public. Who is your target population? What are your reasons for wanting to establish a housing program? 

  • Housing First Model (i.e. shelter, ODR etc.)
  • Sober Living
  • Transitional Housing
  • Rapid Rehousing
  • TAY Housing
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Program
  • Residential Treatment Facility


Other areas of Expertise

  • Addressing the reality of PTSD post Prison/Jail culture and reintegration back into society
  • Bullying and Improving School Culture for Teens
  • Argument: Why Diversion and Alternatives to Incarceration work and should be expanded
  • About Reentry Services that work 
  • Addressing the Unhoused Crisis
  • How to structure Low Barrier housing solutions
  • The Impact of Rehabilitation Programs

YWC is your Thought Partner

LA City Club, Downtown Los Angeles 51st Floor

If you are in or around the DTLA area YWC would love to meet up with you. One of my favorite meeting places is LA City Club located at 555 S. Flower St. If you represent a company or organization, I want to meet your decision makers . We can also make travel arrangements to meet you on your own turf. In any case, I will make it worth your time. 

New Workshop 2021

News & Notes

Buying food from farmers and ranchers has so many great benefits. Consider stopping by your local farmers market to enjoy the many advantages it has to offer.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to focus on your wellness. How you feel trickles into your everyday life, which is why it’s important for you to put your physical and mental health and wellbeing first.

When times are hard, it’s important to move forward and do what you can for others. Above all, open yourself up to listen and try to better understand the situation from your friend or loved one’s perspective.

The realities of human diseases and how to better deal with people in society who are plague with them beginning with ourselves.

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